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SkyAnd.Cloud presents the beauty of looking up.

I enjoy the sky for many reasons. I live in Southern England, a place that benefits from a never ending stream of varied weather from the Atlantic, the Arctic, Cold North Eastern and Southern Europe, and North Africa. I love the sky's colours, shapes and forms, and how quickly it changes. The sky and cloud's continuous transformation also reminds me of how important the moment is, and how easily it is lost. I value how the sky and cloud is not under the control of humans yet profoundly influenced by them, how it crosses political boundaries with such ease, how it is beyond the reach of money, and yet open to everyone who is fortunate to be able to look up, no matter their difference, their ethnicity, economic status, culture, creed, gender or age. Under sky and cloud we find our shared experience...
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All photographs and artworks at skyand.cloud are taken and made by Mike de Sousa. Enjoy the special gallery Most Loved that show the photographs and artworks he returns to.

Mike is a content philanthropist who creates social publications, music, poetry, and art. Enjoy more by visiting Art Lover VIP...

 Mike's work is free for personal enjoyment, however it may not be used for commercial gain. All content is under copyright.

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